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17th September 2013


Gentlemen, ENGRAVE this on your HEARTS. Please! →


I can’t think of one female in the music business in any capacity who would not agree with this 100,000%.

5th September 2013

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Sci-fi Lullabies: Simon and Bernard get tied down and interrogated →


Where and what are you up to at this moment apart from answering these stupid questions?
Simon - In Suede’ office, smoking a fag and drinking weak coffee.
Bernard - The Suede’s office. I’m about to go home and play the first copy of our complete album, and make some tea.

What was the last…

5th September 2013


Some beauteousness from #JohhnyWeir practicing at my old rink in Duluth, GA earlier today. 

(I really must improve my Weir radar, LOL.  I picked a sh*t time to leave FB!)

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4th September 2013


Tweet of the Day Award. →

"Welcome to the Middle East and have a nice day."

Any questions???

4th September 2013

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Stream The 1975’s self-titled album in its entirety …

4th September 2013


Truly all you need from life this week. →

Craig Leon posted this to Twitter:  rock musicians performing works by John Cage…  “Caged/Uncaged” - produced by John Cale in 1993 for the Venice Biennale.  Entire thing streams here. Awesome, awesome, awesome stuff!

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2nd September 2013


Picture special: New signing Mesut Ozil →

So pleased for #Arsenal!  Can’t wait to see him play for us!

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2nd September 2013

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Bernard Butler : In depth interview with former Suede man who turned into one of the best producers of his generation →


Entrevista a Bernard Butler

Louder Than War


Cool interview!

24th March 2013


I’m looking rather desperately for a live stream of the Phil Spector movie. Anyone??

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24th June 2012

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